The Life of Avocados

Avocados, from seed to sapling, to tree, to fruit

Eating an Avocado drops Avocado nut (avocado pit/seed). Upon planting (right clicking) an Avocado nut on a Dirt or Grass block, the Avocado nut in hand becomes a planted Avocado Sapling. Avocado Saplings look like Oak Tree Saplings with dark spots. An Avocado Sapling will grow into an Avocado Tree with the same conditions as a standard small Oak Tree, including force growth with Bone Meal. Avocado Trees don't have unique leaf and log blocks, instead re-using Oak Leaf and Oak Log blocks. Additionally some (number/percent ?) leaf blocks are replaced with Avocado Blocks, which drop Avocados upon being broken or having the Leaf Block above them broken. Oak Leaf blocks from standard Minecraft Oak Trees and all MFaC fruit trees have a chance of dropping a Oak Saplings and Apples, quite ironic. The Avocado Tree, along with the Cocoa Tree is the least common MFaC fruit tree. MFaC fruit trees including Avocado Trees, are one of the easier to find and harvest food sources when just starting out, or adventuring far away from home.

Avocado is used in the following recipes:

Avocado is an edible food item eaten by right clicking with it in hand, restoring xxx hearts of health.

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