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A Brewing keg

Brewing Keg first appeared in Mo' Foods and Crops in v1.0.5. In the brewing keg you can brew drinks. For the moment you can only brew three drinks and those are: Beer, white wine and red wine.

  • KegGui
  • Keg Beer brewing
  • Keg White wine brewing
  • Keg Red wine brewing

To brew those things you have to make a Brew Base (Beer Base, White Wine Base, Red Wine Base). Then you can brew the kind of base you made into the drink; simply put the base into the empty slot on the left. 

The brewing takes one minecraft day and one minecraft night. That corrensponds 20 minutes. If you brew beer you have a load of 24 beer cups in the keg, and you rightclick with a beer cup to get beer. If you chose wine, any kind, you will have a load of 12 bottles (You must use glass bottles for wine and cups for beer).
Beer Keg Crafting Recipe

Brewing Keg Crafting Recipe

The Brewing keg will be placed in the way you stand.

To craft the Brewing keg, you need an iron ingot, a wood plank, and an iron ingot on in the first row. In the second row a wood plank, a bucket, and a wood plank. In the third a stick, an empty space, and a stick, as shown below.

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