The Life of Onions

Onions, from seed to sprouts, to veggie

A random 0-2? Onion Seed drops are received from harvesting an Onion Plant. Like other MFaC seeds, they are also a random drop from harvesting wild grass. Onion Seeds can only be planted on Farmland dirt blocks, appearing as an Onion Sprout. After awhile, the tiny Onion Sprout grows to be a harvest-able Onion Plant. The Onion Sprout can be instantly grown to a full Onion Plant using Bonemeal (right click sprout with bonemeal). An Onion Plant is harvested by breaking the Onion Plant (or its Farmland dirt block) by hand, tool or most any block. Harvesting drops a random selection of Onion and Onion Seed drops.

Onion is used in the following recipe:

  • Tomato and onion sallad

Onion is an edible food item eaten by right clicking with it in hand, restoring xxx hearts of health.

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