Some suggestions that would be good to see in future updates! (Everyone can add his suggestion!)

  • Placing a cake with a knife in crafting table to make 6 cake parts.
  • Reduce needed berries in juices, it not worth to craft! ( Eating 6 strawberries is better than drinking a strawberry juice )
  • Food crafting guide.
  • Butter, place a bowl under a milk bucket in crafting table.
  • Chocolate eggs. - I hope this is a chocolate candy egg idea.
  • Wasabi has the same graphics as Wasabi Root, should they be the same?
  • Jam suggestions. The Strawberry and Raspberry Jam have the same picture, so just have either recipe make a single "Jam" item. Jam should require sugar, duh. If the Jam can be used for other things like toast, then Apples and Grapes can both make Jelly, and Oranges can make Marmalade.
  • I'm not a sushi eater, but I think "Long Maki" should be "Maki Roll". I don't know what a "Lax suchi" (sp?) is but it has a lot of ingredients if it should be a bite sized sushi-like food.
  • Root Beer could be another brew item, although if you don't want to make a true sassafras tree (source of the "root"), maybe a fake sassafras bush would do?
  • Making cheese pieces with a knife on the crafting table would make more sense than the cake on table approace.
  • Too many vegetables can't be eaten without further crafting into more complex dishes. What's a good fix here? ..allow them to be eaten for 1 heart?
  • We all want new MFaC stuff for MC 1.2.5, but please consider a back version of MFaC for MC 1.2.3 SMP servers that are trying to find a common version for multiple mods.


  • Obsidian hoe doesn't work in SMP.
  • The iron bucket of milk is named treebucket with milk.

Suggestions for Wiki'ers:

  • For Minecraft graphic snapshots, use the built in [F2] snapshot feature and keep the graphics in png format. It keeps the files smaller and higher quality. It's kind of a next gen gif format replacement for simple color palet images, not full color photo-like pictures, which are still best in jpg format. Even MS paint supports png files.