I love this mod! I've found a few things to be messed up though.

1. When trying to pick up an item with a full inventory, the "pick up" sound effect spasms.

2. I can't make raspberry or strawberry jam or juice.

3. The obsidian axe and pick do not take damage, but the hoe and shovel do.

4. It might not be messed up, but some crops, like grapes, wasabi, and strawberry and raspberry bushes, seem to give seeds at a ratio less than one.

5. For many of the crops that were added, I can't craft the fruit into seeds.

6. It probably can't be resolved, but this mod does not work with OptiFine.

7. The effects of alcohol don't go away when a bed is used, but they did go away when I switched from full screen to standard view. (Nice job on inebriation, btw!)

That's all I can think of for now. Now for some suggestions:

1. Fruit pies! (and pumpkin pie too)

2. Wines made out of different fruits. (orange wine is delicious!)

3. Add blueberries?

4. Add coffee!

5. I was expecting to see more to do with wheat and corn, such as needing to grind it before it could be used.

I'd be happy to add more details for items on this wiki, I was rather confused at times.


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