Crafting White Wine Base

Crafting Table recipe for White Wine Base

Brewing in Progress

Keg brewing in Progress

Brewed White Wine Full

Keg full of brewed White Wine

Brewed White Wine Partial

Keg partially full of brewed White Wine

Drink Drank Dunk

One drink, two drinks, three drinks - special effects

White Wine Base is created on the Crafting Table with the following ingredients:

  • Bone Meal
  • Grapes
  • Water Bucket

The White Wine Base is used within the Brewing Keg interface, which is open with a right click. (Open this interface with something other than an empty Glass Bottle if the Brewing Keg has wine.)

Placing the White Wine Base within an empty Brewing Keg starts the brew process. The brew processes takes an entire Minecraft day-night cycle to complete.

After White Wine is brewed, right clicking a Glass Bottle cup on the Brewing Keg fills your bottle into White Wine, and drains 1 / 24th of the keg.

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